barkTHINS Brand Review

We’ve got to hand it to barkTHINS – they’ve hit the sweet spot with their chocolate snacks! These guys have been dishing out delicious, high-quality chocolate since 2011, and they’ve quickly become a favorite among chocolate lovers everywhere.

One of the things we love most about barkTHINS is that they use simple, real ingredients in all of their products. Their chocolate is made with non-GMO ingredients and is gluten-free, so you can indulge without any guilt. Plus, they offer a variety of flavors, from dark chocolate to almond to pumpkin seed, so there’s something for everyone.

Speaking of flavors, it seems like the Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt & Almonds flavor is the crowd favorite, but we also have to give a shoutout to the Dark Chocolate with Pretzel flavor – talk about a perfect combination!

As for the brand history, barkTHINS was founded in 2011 by a woman named Scott-Vincent Borba. He wanted to create a chocolate that was not only delicious but also better-for-you. He was successful in doing so and now barkTHINS has become a household name.

The brand logo is a simple, modern design featuring the name “barkTHINS” in a playful font. It’s easy to spot on store shelves and it definitely catches the eye.

As for the customer rating, barkTHINS has an average rating of 4.4 stars, which is pretty impressive if you ask us! Customers rave about the taste and quality of the chocolate.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) rates barkTHINS as an “A+”. It’s clear that this company takes customer satisfaction seriously, and it shows in the quality of their products and the high ratings they’ve received.

In conclusion, we can’t recommend barkTHINS enough. It’s delicious, high-quality chocolate that’s made with real ingredients and offers a variety of flavors. Plus, with an average customer rating of 4.4 stars and an “A+” rating from the BBB, you know you’re getting a top-notch product. So go on, treat yourself to a bag of barkTHINS and thank us later!

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