Cordoba Guitars

Cordoba Guitars Brand Review

We at Popular Brands are huge fans of Cordoba Guitars! This brand has been making high-quality, beautifully crafted guitars since 1997. They specialize in nylon-stringed guitars, but also offer steel-stringed and hybrid options.

One of Cordoba’s most popular products is their C5-CE, a full-size classical guitar with a cutaway and built-in electronics. This guitar is perfect for players who want the traditional sound of a classical guitar but with the added convenience of being able to plug in and play amplified.

Cordoba’s brand history is rooted in the Spanish tradition of guitar making. Their founder, Andreas Hernandez, was a former luthier for the famous Spanish guitar maker Raimundo Guitars. He wanted to bring the Spanish guitar-making tradition to the United States and thus Cordoba Guitars was born.

The Cordoba logo is a simple yet elegant design that features a stylized letter “C” in the center. This logo is inspired by the Spanish influence in the company’s history.

Cordoba Guitars have received a very positive customer rating with most of the customers praising their quality, sound and craftsmanship.

As of our knowledge cut-off, Cordoba Guitars does not have a Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating. But looking at the customer reviews, we can say that it’s a brand that customers trust and are happy with their purchase.

In short, Cordoba Guitars are a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, traditional-sounding nylon-stringed guitar. They offer a wide range of options and their guitars are built with care and attention to detail. So if you’re in the market for a new guitar, we highly recommend checking out Cordoba Guitars!

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