LifeProof Brand Review

We’ve got to hand it to LifeProof, they make some pretty rad phone cases. And trust us, we know a thing or two about phone cases.

For starters, their cases are built to protect your phone from just about anything. Water, drops, dirt, and even snow. They’ve got you covered, literally. And that’s not just us talking, they’ve got some serious certifications to back it up. Their cases have been tested and certified to meet or exceed ASTM standards for drop and shock protection.

LifeProof started in San Diego, California in 2011, and since then they’ve made a name for themselves as a go-to brand for rugged and reliable phone cases. They offer a variety of phone cases for iPhone and Samsung models, as well as cases for iPad, Apple Watch, and even MacBook. Their most popular products are the LifeProof FRE and NÜÜD cases.

LifeProof’s logo is a stylized letter “L” and “P” together, that forms a shield, which is a perfect representation of what their cases are meant to do for your phone – protect it.

Their average customer rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars, which is pretty impressive. They have a good reputation among customers, most of them praising their cases for the protection they provide, and the wide range of models they have available.

According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), LifeProof has an A+ rating, which is the highest rating a company can receive. This rating is based on several factors, including how long the company has been in business, its complaint history, and whether the company has made a good faith effort to resolve any complaints.

All in all, we’re big fans of LifeProof here at Popular Brands. They make solid phone cases that are built to protect your phone from just about anything. And that’s something we can definitely get behind.

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