LUCKY Brand Review

We at the team of reviewers are thrilled to share our thoughts on the brand LUCKY, purveyors of dapper men’s colognes. To start, LUCKY boasts a line of fragrances that are both sophisticated and playful, with scents ranging from the classic, woodsy aroma of “LUCKY Number Six” to the fresh and citrusy “LUCKY You.”
In terms of brand history, LUCKY was founded in 2000 by a group of friends who were inspired to create colognes that were both unique and accessible. Since then, LUCKY has grown to become a household name, with their products available in department stores and specialty shops worldwide.

Speaking of worldwide, did you know that LUCKY colognes are exported to over 50 countries? Impressive, right?
Their logo, a four-leaf clover encased in a circle, is both simple and iconic, perfectly representing the brand’s luck-inspired aesthetic.

As for customer satisfaction, LUCKY scores an average rating of 4.5 stars on online retail sites, with customers praising the colognes’ lasting power and unique scents.
However, we could not find any information about LUCKY’s BBB rating.

All in all, LUCKY colognes are a fantastic choice for any man looking to add a touch of luck and elegance to his grooming routine. And if you are feeling extra adventurous, we recommend trying their “LUCKY You” cologne, it’s a crowd-pleaser and as the name suggests, it will bring you luck!
But as always, remember to use cologne in moderation, no one likes a cologne-over-doer, unless you are trying to clear a room, in that case, go for it!

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