Propel Brand Review

We are thrilled to give you the scoop on Propel water! First things first, Propel is a brand that is all about keeping you hydrated and refreshed. They offer a variety of flavored water options, as well as unflavored options for those who prefer the pure taste of water. Propel was founded in 2004 and is now owned by Gatorade. They have a strong commitment to fitness and healthy living which is reflected in their marketing and partnerships with fitness influencers and events. Their logo features a stylized blue water droplet, which is meant to evoke feelings of hydration and refreshment.When it comes to customer satisfaction, Propel has a solid average rating, with many customers praising the taste and convenience of their products. As for their Better Business Bureau rating, I couldn’t find it, but it’s worth mentioning that they have several awards and recognitions, such as “Product of the Year” in the enhanced water category and “Best Sports Drink” in various events.One interesting fact about Propel is that they were the first brand to introduce a line of enhanced water, which is water with added vitamins and minerals. This was a game-changer in the hydration market and helped to popularize the concept of enhanced water.All in all, we highly recommend giving Propel water a try. Their commitment to hydration and healthy living, delicious flavors, and convenient packaging make them the perfect choice for staying refreshed and energized on the go. Cheers to staying hydrated!

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