Toblerone Brand Review

We love Toblerone chocolate here at Popular Brands headquarters! This Swiss brand has been satisfying sweet tooths since 1908, and with good reason. Their unique, triangular shape and delicious milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat make them a standout in the crowded chocolate market.

One interesting fact about Toblerone is that its logo, the Matterhorn mountain, is a nod to the iconic Swiss peak that the chocolate was first created near. The brand also has a strong presence in airports, making it a go-to gift for travelers.

Toblerone’s most popular products include the classic milk chocolate bar in various sizes, as well as dark chocolate and white chocolate bars. They also offer a variety of gift sets and boxes.

In terms of customer rating, Toblerone generally receives high marks, with many praising the unique shape and delicious taste of the chocolate. However, the brand did face some controversy in 2016 when they changed the shape of the bars to reduce the weight and cost of production, which some customers took issue with.

Regarding the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Toblerone does not have a rating as it is not a member of the organization.

Overall, Toblerone is a beloved brand with a unique product and a storied history. We highly recommend giving their delicious chocolate a try!

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