Vitafusion Brand Review

We know that Vitafusion is a brand that sells vitamins, and they’re all about making sure that you’re getting the nutrients you need in a delicious and easy-to-take form. They’ve got a wide variety of products to choose from, including gummies for adults and children, as well as supplements for specific needs like prenatal health and energy support.

One interesting fact about the brand is that they’re a part of Church & Dwight, a company that also owns other well-known brands like Arm & Hammer and OxiClean.

We don’t have any specific statistics on hand, but we do know that their gummy vitamins are a popular choice among customers. Their gummies are infused with essential vitamins and minerals, and they come in a variety of delicious flavors like peach, strawberry and berry.

As for the brand history, Vitafusion was founded in 2006 and since then they have been providing vitamins in a fun and delicious way. They have a wide range of products, including prenatal, children’s, and adult gummies, as well as other supplements.

The logo of Vitafusion is a stylized letter “V” with a leafy green vine growing out of it. It gives an impression of natural and healthy products.

As for customer rating, we couldn’t find the average rating, but we did find that many customers were pleased with the taste and effectiveness of their products.

As for their BBB rating, we couldn’t find any information about the company being rated by the Better Business Bureau.

Overall, we think that Vitafusion is a solid choice for anyone looking for a tasty and convenient way to get their vitamins. They’ve got a wide variety of products to choose from, and they’re a part of a larger company with a good reputation. Give them a try and see if they work for you!

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