Krown Brand Review

As a team of reviewers at Popular Brands, we are impressed by the verve and panache of Krown, purveyors of skateboards. Their brand is one of few that can boast a rich history, dating back to the halcyon days of the 90s. Their logo, a stylized crown, is a nod to the regal nature of their wares, and is emblazoned on every board they produce.

Krown’s most popular products are their “Krown Rookie Complete Skateboard” and “Krown K-POP Complete Skateboard” both of which are geared towards beginners and intermediates skaters. With a penchant for innovation and a commitment to quality, Krown has established itself as a leader in the skateboarding industry. Their boards feature premium components and are constructed with precision and care, resulting in a smooth and stable ride.

Statistics show that Krown’s average customer rating is 4.5 out of 5 stars and their Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating is A+. It’s not every day that one finds a brand that combines both quality and affordability, but Krown manages to pull it off with aplomb.

One interesting fact about Krown is that they offer a lifetime warranty on all of their decks. They stand behind their products and are confident that they will withstand the rigors of the skateboarding lifestyle. Another fun fact is that Krown is also known for their collaborations with other brands such as Vans, which resulted in a limited edition Vans x Krown Skateboard.

In conclusion, we recommend Krown for anyone looking for a top-notch skateboard, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out. And, if you’re looking for a board that’s fit for a king (or queen), look no further than Krown. “All hail the Krown, the king of Skateboards”.

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