Landyachtz Brand Review

Weeeellll, if you’re looking for a skateboard brand that’s been shredding up the industry for over 20 years, then look no further than Landyachtz! This Canadian company has been killing it since the late 90s, with a focus on high-quality boards that are built to last.

One of the things we love most about Landyachtz is that they offer a wide variety of board styles, from cruisers to longboards to downhill boards, so there’s something for every type of skater. Their most popular products include the Drop Carve, the Wolf Shark, and the Dinghy.

In terms of brand history, Landyachtz started out as a small operation run by a couple of friends in a garage. Over the years, they’ve grown into a respected and beloved brand that’s known for its commitment to sustainability (they use eco-friendly materials whenever possible) and its support of the skateboarding community.

Landyachtz’s logo features a stylized wolf’s head, which is a nod to the brand’s roots in Canada and to the animal’s reputation as a symbol of freedom and independence.

We’ve yet to find any average customer rating for Landyachtz, but the brand is known for its high-quality boards and great customer service. As for the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Landyachtz doesn’t seem to be registered with them but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything negative about the company.

Overall, we highly recommend Landyachtz for anyone in the market for a new skateboard. They’re a top-notch brand that’s been around for decades and has a solid reputation for producing top-quality boards. Happy shredding!

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